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Lake County Indiana CHINS - Child In Need Of Services Lawyer

CHINS Attorney – Child In Need of Services Attorney Serving Northwest Indiana

Child abuse is a big problem in our society. Often times this abuse is caused by the people that are closest to the children. CHINS stands for a child in need of services, and is for any child who is under eighteen years of age who is not getting the kind of care they should be. CHINS also covers those children that are abused or neglected.

These are some of the types of cases that fall under CHINS:

Child born with disorders as a result of the parents drinking or taking alcohol during pregnancy

Child living in a home where there are illegal drugs

Child who is a danger to themselves and others

Children endangered

Missing child

Victim of sexual abuse

The goal of any CHINS proceeding is the protection of the children. When a case is filed under the Child in Need of Services in Indiana, there normally are several hearings involved. In the initial hearing, one can liken this to the arraignment in a normal hearing. At this hearing, the child’s parent either admits or refutes the charges that have been brought on them. The results of this trial generally determine the direction that the rest of the case takes. If one admits guilt, the judge then schedules a dispositional hearing. If the parent refutes the claims, then a fact finding hearing is scheduled.

The fact finding hearing is civil in nature, and is conducted in front of a judge but without a jury. At this hearing, the office of family and children will try to prove that the abuse is more likely to have happened than to not have happened. If the office of family and children meets this burden of proof, then the case continues. If not, then the case is dismissed.

Contact A CHINS - Child In Need Of Services Lawyer For Help

Do you need the help of a CHINS lawyer? The Law Offices of Paul M. Namie, LLC can help you. We offer free consultations and case reviews to evaluate your case. We have years of  legal experience serving clients in all family law legal matters including CHINS cases. Please schedule an appointment by contacting our law firm - we serve clients throughout Northwest Indiana.

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