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Lake County Indiana Divorce / Legal Separation Lawyer

Divorce Attorney Serving Northwest Indiana

Divorce is never an easy situation. Whether you are ready for a divorce or are still hoping for a reconciliation, there are legal options available in Indiana that can help you throughout the process. I understand that you are having a difficult time – we work hard to help you get through it. Depending on the specific reasons that you are seeking a legal separation or divorce, there may be different options available to you and your spouse. Couples have their own personal reason as to why they may choose to go with legal separation over divorce, but knowing the ramifications of both is essential to the overall resolution of the issue.

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DivorceDeciding to get a divorce is never an easy decision. There are many things to consider emotionally, legally, and financially. If you have determined that you cannot reconcile with your spouse, divorce is an available and necessary option. It takes a knowledgeable attorney with experience in divorce law to help guide you through the legal requirements needed to end your marriage. This includes help with things such as knowing how and where to file, and how to legally divide up the assets. You want to make sure your assets and rights are protected, additionally you need to be are aware of what you are entitled to once the marriage has legally ended.

Legal assistance in your divorce can be extremely beneficial, especially if the other person has hired a lawyer. Some of the divorce proceedings you will go through can be complex. It can really help your case to have an attorney who is familiar with the Indiana divorce laws when it comes to negotiations, mediations, and any possible court proceedings. Namie Bauer & Associates can help you and guide you through every step of the way.

Legal SeparationIf you want to cease living with your spouse but you are still uncertain if you really want to move forward with a divorce, then legal separation may be a good option for you. The negotiation process with a legal separation is very similar to that of a divorce. You and your spouse will have to determine child custody, child support, visitation, spousal support and he division of any assets. You may choose legal separation over divorce for religious reasons, financial reasons, ineligibility to divorce due to state requirements, or the possibility of reconciliation. No matter your reason, you need a strong attorney who knows the Indiana divorce and family law laws. 

Contact A Divorce / Legal Separation Lawyer For Help

Do you need the help of a divorce or legal separation lawyer? Contact The Law Offices of Paul M. Namie, LLC for help. We offer free consultations and case reviews to evaluate your case. We have years of professional legal experience serving clients in divorce and all family law legal matters. Please schedule an appointment by  contacting our law firm - we serve clients throughout Northwest Indiana.

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