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Lake County Indiana Estate Planning & Probate Lawyer

Probate Administration & Estate Attorney Serving Northwest Indiana

You spend a lifetime accumulating things. You save money for retirement. You work hard to enjoy the things that you have, but when you die what happens. If you do not have a plan, it can lead to messy fights. The laws surrounding what happens to your estate after you die will vary. It is best to avoid problems and plan ahead.

The idea of estate planning is not new, but it has changed. The structure of families and the rules about how the government affects your estate are constantly changing. The only way to protect the people who you want to enjoy your estate is by planning for it. The Law Offices of Paul M. Namie, LLC are ready to help you with the things you need to create the right plan.

What is An Estate?

Some may think because they don’t have a mansion or a million dollars in the bank, they don’t have an estate. Everyone has an estate.  Everything you own comprises your estate. Your checking and savings accounts, your car, your clothes all are a part of your estate. They may not seem like they have much value, but they do. The other side of your estate is your debt. Mortgages, credit czar bills and student loans are all a part of your estate. When you die, someone must manage all the things that you own and that you owe to make sure they are properly distributed.

Who Needs a Plan?

Most people think the estate planning is only needed when you die. That is not always the case. If you suffer some type of disability that does not allow you to take care of yourself and your assets, then that falls to whoever is in charge of your estate. If you do not have a plan, that could mean the state takes over control of your estate and your care.

Creating a Plan

The plan for your estate after you die falls into two categories. It is either through documents that explain what to do with your possessions relies on the laws of your state. If you decide to leave it up to the state, many people are in for a surprise. In some states, the estate is split between your spouse and children. That could mean your spouse only gets a small part of your estate and may not have enough to live off of. Our law offices will make sure that you have a plan for your estate that divides your assets the way you want and the way your family needs.

What Do We Include in the Plan?

Because we have made plans for all types of people, we know what has to go into a plan to make sure that everyone is safe and secure in the future.


Some of the things that The Law Offices of Paul M. Namie, LLC includes in the estate planning are:

Passing on Your Values – Some of the biggest assets you have are your values. We will provide documentation that will pass on the values in life you hold dearest, whether it is religion, education or work ethic, to the people who follow you in life.

Living Will – This lets people you know to care for you when you become physically unable to do so for yourself. It also lets people know how far to go in keeping you alive. These are difficult choices that no one should have to decide for someone else.

Provide for Guardianship of children – If you have children, the plan can let people know who is to take care of them.

Government Benefits – The right plan makes sure any government benefits are not delayed and paid in full.

Financial Information – All information about life insurance policies, bank accounts, debt and anything else will give the estate what it needs to make sure everything is managed properly.

Transfer of business and other property – This could happen before you die or after, but the right plan makes sure that it is transferred to the right person easily.

Continued Work – Estate planning is not something you do once. Your life is constantly changing and the needs of your estate change with it. Our offices will continue to help you keep the plan you to date to meet all the changes in your life.


When you die, your estate goes into probate. During this time, your estate will be divided. The estate pays the taxes and the debt and divides the remaining parts of the estate amongst the heirs. Our attorneys are ready to handle your probate. If you did the estate planning with us, the process of going through probate is smooth and will allow everyone to get what they deserve quickly.

Even if you did not do your estate planning, we can help you get what you deserve and make sure the government and any creditors do not take more than they should. We can make sure you get out of the estate of the person you love, what you deserve.

Disability and death is not something people like to think about. Going through estate planning makes it much easier to deal with the idea that you will not live forever. We work hard to make the process easier so that when you need to use the plan, it is there for you and there is nothing to worry about.

Contact An Estate Planning & Probate Lawyer For Help

Do you need the help of an estate planning / probate lawyer? Contact The Law Offices of Paul M. Namie, LLC for help. We offer free consultations and case reviews to evaluate your case. We have years of professional legal experience serving clients in a variety of legal matters. Please schedule an appointment by contacting our law firm - we serve clients throughout Northwest Indiana.

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