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Lake County Indiana Guardianship Lawyer

Guardianship Attorney Serving Northwest Indiana

What Is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legal process where a court appoints a representative for a person with a disability to make personal and / or financial decisions on his or her behalf. If the person with a disability did not previously execute powers of attorney or other estate planning documents naming a representative, or if the representative is acting inappropriately, pursuing legal guardianship can be a way, and sometimes the only way, to protect the disabled person's well being. Once a guardian is appointed, the court continues to act for the disabled person's best interests and oversees the decisions of the guardian.

Obtaining Guardianship of a Minor Child in Indiana

There are two ways that someone other than a child’s parent can obtain guardianship of that child. Guardianship may be obtained if the parents of the child can consent and secondly the Court can appoint a guardian for the child. Cases for guardianship of minor children usually involve family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older siblings.


Common reasons children may need a guardian, include; parents have passed away, parents are incarcerated, parents have abused or neglected the child, parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol, parents have abandoned the child, parents are sick or disabled and unable to care for the child. When a guardianship is no longer needed, the Court can terminate it. 

Disabled Adult Guardianship

When disabled adults are unable to properly care for themselves and their finances due to a mental, physical or developmental condition, a guardian can be appointed by the court to provide assistance with and supervision of personal and financial affairs. To become the guardian to an adult that you feel is incapable of caring for him or herself, you must demonstrate to the Court that the adult is, in fact, disabled. If you are seeking to be come the legal guardian of a disabled loved one, contact Namie Bauer & Associates to schedule a free consultation to discuss the guardianship process. We will answer your questions and walk you through what you can expect moving forward.

Contact A Guardianship Lawyer For Help

Do you need the help of a guardianship lawyer? The Law Offices of Paul M. Namie, LLC can help you. We offer free consultations and case reviews to evaluate your case. We have years of professional legal experience serving clients in guardianship and all family law legal matters. Please schedule an appointment by contacting our law firm - we serve clients throughout Northwest Indiana.

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