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Attorney Joseph Bauer

Representing Clients Across Indiana


Every life has value. No matter what the allegations against a client are, Attorney Bauer acknowledges the value each and every client has. Whatever the situation is, Attorney Bauer will ensure your story is heard. Don’t leave your future in the hands of an attorney who does not understand what is truly at stake.


Experience matters. When choosing an attorney you must look into the credentials of the lawyer or law firm. How many cases do they fight to trial? How long have they been practicing? While Attorney Bauer has only been practicing since 2019, he has created a reputation for being an aggressive trial attorney who gets results. Most recently being recognized in Indiana as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Criminal Defense Trial Attorneys.


Criminal Law is the main focus of Attorney Bauer’s practice. Working in 3 different Prosecutor’s Offices before going into private practice, criminal law was his sole focus at first. This experience gives Attorney Bauer a special outlook on cases. Seeing cases from the perspective of how a Prosecutor would. Attorney Bauer also has experience facing criminal charges. 79D06-2003-CM-000922. State of Indiana v. Joseph Bauer. Going through the process from being arrested, sitting in jail, going to court and being sentenced, makes Attorney Bauer relate to what you may be going through. Its real. Its hard. But it does not need to define you, nor does it need to affect your future.


Living in Rochester, Indiana, with his wife Madison, sons Waylon, Brooks and Ren, and golden retrievers Rudy and Hoosier, Attorney Bauer loves the simple life in the country. When not practicing law, Attorney Bauer is either playing with his kids, on the golf course, or out by the bonfire.


Attorney Bauer and the lawyers of Namie Bauer & Associates, work together to ensure every legal argument is addressed and every client receives the very best representation.



  • Lincoln Way Central High School, New Lenox, Illinois. 2012

  • Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan. 2016

  • Valparaiso Law School, Valparaiso, Indiana. 2019



  • Indiana State Bar Association

  • Fulton County Bar Association

  • National Trial Lawyers

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