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Lake County Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

Injury Attorney Serving Northwest Indiana

The term personal injury does not do justice to what a person suffering from this goes through. A personal injury occurs when damage is inflicted upon the body. When a person suffers this type of damage to their body they need to find a way to fix it. How they fix it depends on how bad the damage is.

There are many ways a person can suffer an injury, and it can happen at home, at work, while driving, walking or even shopping. The list of places where a person can get hurt can go on and on. No one plans to get hurt when they are doing something that is part of their normal activities. That is why they often talk about how they had an accident and that is why they got hurt. Just because a person did not plan to get hurt, does not mean that they do not need help recovering from it.

How to Recover from a Personal Injury

If you suffer an injury, you should not ignore it. You should take steps to repair whatever damage your body has. In many cases, that does not require much. A band-aid or an ice pack may take care of some minor injuries. But not all injuries are minor. It is possible to have an injury that requires the help of a professional. Some people who suffer a personal injury have to turn to a number of different professionals to help them fix what is wrong with their body. These are many professionals that can help you overcome the pain that can come from any type of injury. Professionals can help in many different ways, but they all have one thing in common - they ALL cost money. The cost of care is the number one reason that people do not get help after they are injured. They do not know how they can pay for it. A personal injury and accident attorney can help!


A personal injury attorney can play a big role in helping a person recover from the damages caused by an injury. Some may think that they are just going to get money for the person to pay for the injury, but there are many other ways that they help a person recover. 

Medical Help – The first and most important thing to do is to get the medical help needed to recover from the injury. Finding the right doctors is not always easy to do. Different injuries require different types of care. A slip and fall in the home could injure the back and will require a specialist who understands these issues. A workplace injury can require a person to get special help, so they can return to their job. Keeping track of what type of help a person needs and what they get will help them as they work to recover financially from the injury.

Finding who is Responsible – Many accidents are preventable. If they are, it is important to know how to figure out who is responsible for what happened. A person can get help determining who is at fault.

Insurance – Insurance is in place to help people pay for things that happen. If a person suffers a personal injury, there is often insurance in place to pay for it, but the question is which insurance to turn to. Our law offices can figure out what insurance in applicable and how to contact them.

Getting MoneyWhen a person suffers an injury in a car accident or at work or even in their own home, the insurance companies can come in and offer to help pay for the expenses. The problem is that the insurance companies are for profit businesses. That means they will try to pay the least amount they can for any injury. They may also claim that the injury is not something their policy covers. It is almost impossible for an individual to fight the insurance companies. They have teams of experts ready to prove their side of the case.

Instead of trying to fight the battle for your personal injury alone, it is better to develop the right team around you. Friends and family are part of the team. Health professionals play another role. Namie Bauer & Associates are ready for their role in your fight to recover from a personal injury. We will stand by you to make sure that when all is said and done, you can stand by yourself.

The first concern people have when they suffer a personal injury is to make sure they regain their health. Unfortunately, personal injuries affect more than just the physical health. They can exert a toll on a person emotionally and financially. Namie Bauer & Associates is ready to help you repair the emotional, physical and financial damage that the injury caused. 

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer For Help

Do you need the help of a personal injury lawyer? Contact The Law Offices of Paul M. Namie, LLC for help. We offer free consultations and case reviews to evaluate your case. We have years of professional legal experience serving clients in a variety of legal matters. Please schedule an appointment by contacting our law firm - we serve clients throughout Northwest Indiana.

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